Emanuela Maccarani, the historic leadership of our butterflies, does not hide his disappointment.

Instead, you can notice that several of the best performances of recent days have come by them. desalu rein — Starting from the Yeman Crippa bronze medals (in the 10,000) and Yogi Chiappinelli (hedges in 3000), the different twins born in Ethiopia and adopted at the age of seven years, ending with the most significant blue technical result the first part of the review, the 20 «13 with its sixth place in the 200 Fausto Desalu. Which, in turn son of Nigerians, confessing a boundless admiration for Andrew Howe, a much reatino that the US ( «Years ago I started playing drums to imitate him,» says Fausto), yesterday also revealed that for about three weeks he broke with his old coach, Gian Giacomo Contini. «I would have bet a penny on this my result — supports Cremona Casalmaggiore, now second in the all-time list of specialties flag behind Pietro Mennea — is good, took me to the Olympics, but it is not ambitious. Читать/смотреть далее

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