We Tell You Suggestions for homosexual and bisexual guys

We Tell You Suggestions for homosexual and bisexual guys

With this web web page

This site is actually for homosexual and bisexual males, and males that have intercourse with males, that are having tests or treatment plan for prostate cancer tumors. Lovers and members of the family may find it useful also.

Other information and help that you could find includes that are helpful

  • Our booklet for homosexual and men that are bisexual which you are able to purchase or download free of charge
  • Information for trans ladies
  • Real world tales, including some from homosexual or men that are bisexual
  • Neighborhood organizations, including some for homosexual and men that are bisexual their lovers
  • Our network – you are able to publish a remark anywhere but there’s a certain section for gay and bisexual guys
  • Our nurses that are specialist call them or talk with them online.

Prostate cancer tumors in homosexual or men that are bisexual

Prostate cancer is not more widespread in homosexual or bisexual males, or in males that have anal intercourse, and it’s addressed within the way that is same. However if you’re gay, bisexual or a person who may have intercourse with guys, it’s likely you have some questions that are specific issues. We’ve included information that could be highly relevant to you, and in regards to the help available.

So you are not at risk of getting prostate cancer if you’re a gay or bisexual trans man (assigned female at birth but identify as a man) you will not have a prostate. However you may have partner that has, or is susceptible to getting, prostate cancer tumors.

For lots more general details about prostate cancer tumors, you can easily read our information about signs or items that can enhance your threat of prostate cancer tumors.

Referring to your sex together with your medical group

It might be beneficial to allow your medical group know so they can give you the support and information that is right for you if you’re gay or bisexual. Find out about approaches to speak about your sex with medical researchers. Читать/смотреть далее