Firespell and Hexbound

Author: Chloe Neill

ISBN: 9780451235886
Pages: 448
Description: The thrilling adventures of ‘Firespell’ and ‘Hexbound’ are not all they are cracked up to be. In the blurb it promises suspense, romance, and dangerous creatures; but in reality the suspense is so-so, the romance is very cut and dry, and the dangerous creatures? Well, ok, they are pretty cool.

Lily gets sent to a boarding school in Chicago called St. Sophia’s. She quickly befriends the vivacious crazy girl Scout. When Scout starts disappearing into the night Lily decides to follow her and soon enough is thrown into a world full of teens with magic and comes face to face with the things that go bump in the night. She is dropped into the battle between the Reapers (Evil people who take the energy of humans to stay sane) and Adepts (Teenagers who embrace the fact that they have to give up their magic). When Lily is hit by Sebastian Born’s firespell she finds the mark of magic on her and soon learns that she has power as well. When Scout is kidnapped by the Reapers Lily leads the Adepts of Enclave Three on a rescue mission and finds out how much magic she really has.

Lily and Scout are still battling creatures of the dark while handling life at a boarding school filled with snobby girls. Enclave three gets a new leader, and nights are far from relaxing as they patrol tunnels under the city for creepy crawlies. On their patrol with two boys from their sister school, they come across some new creatures that none of them have ever seen. In this book, they try to find out what the creatures are with the help of two girls from Enclave Two, run across a turf war between two vampire covens, and Lily tries to figure out why her parents have been lying to her about what kind of work they do. Her life is complicated further when the reaper who ‘gave’ her the powers she possesses, Sebastian Born, tries to get Lily to talk to him so he can teach her how to harness her power as he sends her mixed signals trying to recruit her to the dark side and help her at the same time.

This book was a little disappointing because I had expected more, but overall it was a very creative mystery. I fell in love with each of the characters and can’t wait to read ‘Spellbinder’!

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